When you package your foods with aluminum foil you are avoiding a large number bacterias that could end up floating around in your home cooked meals. Although there are a few disadvantages to using foil compared to other packaging products, the advantages truly out weigh the negatives. Before deciding on...

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In restaurants around the world aluminum containers are used very frequently. Restaurants use these containers to package up customers take -out orders and to store leftover food from that day. Not only does the aluminum foil containers keep the food nice and hot for customers, but it also helps protect...

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Decorative Foil

Decorative foil comes in a large variety of colors such as glittering, silver, purple, blue, pink, textured patterns and hundreds of other brilliantly designed colors. This specific type of foil is used to wrap objects like wood, glass, ceramics, clothing and any other gifts or personal items. Not only...

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Aluminium foil is ideal food packaging for both the home and catering environment. Although traditionally aluminum foil is associated with wrapping hot food, it's also functions for cold food such as sandwiches.

However there is a great of deal of research demonstrating traces of aluminium being passed over to food.  Some organisations will shout out advice not to use aluminium foil in food preparation and cooking whilst others are more laissez faire with their attitudes.

In terms of risk assessment, we live in a World based on burning fossils fuels to function which is more lethal for the long term health of the planet and all living organisms yet eating a baked potato cooked in wrapped aluminium foil might be harmful to you.